Bello tornare a casetta - Nice to be back home

Sedia e ghirlanda Ikea e le mie riviste preferite.
Chair and wreath by Ikea and my favourite magazines.

Acquisti alla Bottega svedese.
Buys at Swedish food shop.

Idee da Country Living Magazine.
Ideas from Country Living Magazine.

Buon inizio settimana!
Have a nice week-start!


Work in progress

Da oggi Floral Path sarà scritto in due lingue: italiano ed inglese!
Buona lettura ;)

Impegnatissima! La mia vita è concentrata sul lavoro al momento, ma sto cercando di ritagliare un po' di tempo libero per esercitare la mia creatività, altrimenti non riuscirei a sentirmi molto... viva.
Una nota veloce veloce per salutarvi e per mostrarvi la mia prima ghirlanda natalizia "in progress".

Buona serata,

Busy busy busy! My life is work-focused at the moment, but I'm trying hard to save some time off to be creative, otherwise I wouldn't feel very much... alive.
Just a quick note to say hello and to show you my first "work in progress" Xmas wreath.
Have a nice evening,



Colorful little joys

I just wanted to share this with you...

Some french winter holidays postcards I found at our local fleamarket...

Roses, hydrangeas and seasonal green leaves for the sweetest flowers composition I ever received...

Feeling a bit tired and moody today but still willing to enjoy the little things in life that make me feel better! It could sound semplicistic, but it really makes a difference.
I wish you a productive and nice week-end,
Ciao, E.


English Style Tea Time Treats With A Continental Touch

On saturday I have been hosting an afternoon tea in the occasion of the foundation of a small women circle we named Pettileweek (too long to explain, it's just a funny word play) in the name of our friendship.
We have been knowing each other for a long time and on saturday we often use to meet at my place for an informal tea or an italian merenda. For this week meeting I was inspired from a lovely - mainly gourmande - italian blog named L'Aiuola Odorosa. She really knows how to prepare an amazing afternoon tea, with british inspired home made food, which I don't, really, but it was just nice to get to know something about this meal and set up our tea in a more formal way.
For the occasion I went shopping in the most exciting store in town to buy some proper english tea time treats and a good brand of Earl Grey. I added a more continental touch with some chocolate fine biscuits.
We had fun, the atmosphere was cool and relaxed and all the girls were impressed.
Then we went out for a walk to feel less guilty about all the pure butter shortbread we had! :p

Hope your week-end was as sweet as mine,
Have a nice sunday evening ladies,